Cherokee Golf & Country Club is a private membership only club.

Membership Special

Until otherwise revised, all new members will receive a 20% discount on their dues for 12 months upon signing an agreement that they will remain a member in good standing for 12 months and paying the appropriate initiation or reinstatement fee. Members on leave of absence (for the last year) that resume their membership are not eligible for discounted dues.

Current members responsible for recruiting a new member will also receive a 20% dues discount for 12 months as long as the member remains in good standing.

The incentive applies to all classifications except Tennis Memberships.

New members are subject to a $250 initiation fee and are exempt from any assessment for the remainder of the calendar year. Prior members, no longer on leave of absence, will be responsible for paying this year’s assessment in lieu of an initiation fee.

We have several options for prospective members!

Membership Classes - Country Club


For more information about the membership application and approval process, please call Member Services at 770-748-2801

Board of Directors
President:                 Doug Elliott

Vice-President:         Mike McRae
Secretary:                 Phyllis Cox
Glenn Campbell
                                  Edward Graves III
                                  Lloyd Gray
                                  Rufus Johnson
                                  Chad Smith

Contact us in Cedartown, Georgia, to apply for our established country club membership programs today.